About us

Brook Crompton, the original innovator in electric motor development, is a leading provider of energy efficient electric motors. With over a century’s technical & design expertise Brook Crompton delivers consistently reliable electric motors to a global market.

Trusted to power limitless industrial activities across diverse market sectors, the robust design of Brook Crompton’s electric motors drives fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors and more, every second, of every day, of every year.

Driven by technology and innovation, Brook Crompton offers a complete range of low, medium & high voltage motors including the premium Brook Crompton “W”, the Series 10 and motors suitable for operation in hazardous atmospheres and hostile environments.

Brook Crompton also offer drives packages providing assured efficiency and reliability in a user-friendly variable speed drive system.

Renowned for their adaptability, Brook Crompton’s extensive stock can be modified to suit specific customer needs, with technical support from the company’s knowledgeable team readily available to ensure the correct selection of motors for any application. For bespoke situations and complete flexibility, Brook Crompton will design and manufacture to meet detailed individual customer specifications.

Brook Crompton has a long-standing reputation for efficient customer care, supporting customers worldwide through its global network. Brook Crompton Motor Centres operate alongside approved Product Distributors throughout the UK, Mainland Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA & Asia Pacific.


Shaping the future of electric motors, Brook Crompton is focused on the development of new products that improve energy efficiency, offer lower cost of ownership throughout the motor lifetime and reduce environmental impact.

Brook Crompton, the original innovator in electric motors.


Ernest Brook made his first motor in Huddersfield, UK in 1904 forming Brook Motors, whilst Colonel Crompton had formed R.E.B. Crompton & Co in 1878. The two organisations came together in the 1970s to form the company that is now recognised the world over as Brook Crompton.

Growth through acquisition followed and Brook Crompton today incorporates many well know names from the history of UK electric motor production including Brook Motors, Crompton Parkinson, Electrodrives (itself including AEI and English Electric), Newman and Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors.

Still based in Huddersfield today, Brook Crompton UK hold an extensive stock that can quickly be modified to suit specific needs with technical support readily available.

Establishing its first facility in North America in 1958, Brook Crompton opened in Toronto, Canada, followed by further operations in the USA and the introduction of products specifically designed for the local market.

Present in the Asia Pacific market for many years through subsidiary operations in Australia & New Zealand, a Sales Office in Singapore and a wide number of Country Distributors throughout the region, the local businesses of Western Electric Asia and Brook Crompton were merged in 1992 to form Brook Crompton Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

Today the Brook Crompton businesses are owned by Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd, a public listed company based in Singapore. The major shareholders of the Group, ATB and Wolong are both significant manufacturers of electric motors and, as strategic supply partners to Brook Crompton enable the company to offer a wide range of motor products.

Web address for Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd: brookcromptonholdings.com