Welcome To Brook Crompton


Brook Crompton Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is an established provider of electric motors for the industrial market covering Asia Pacific, offering solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers across diverse market.


Our products are used in every industrial activity including mining, water treatment, processing and manufacturing where they drive fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors.


Brook Crompton is a leading manufacturer of electric motors for the global industrial market.

Brook Crompton Asia Pacific found its origin in 1992 under the name of Western Electric Asia Pte Ltd (‘WEA’) which was then a joint venture between Lindeteves-Jacoberg in Singapore and Western Electric in Australia. WEA eventually became a wholly owned subsidiary of Lindeteves-Jacoberg in 1996 to undertake the sales and distribution of electric motors in Asia, Australsia regions.

The brand name of Western Electric was originated in Australia during the 1960s and still being used in these regions till today. Lindeteves-Jacoberg Limited (‘LJL’) is a company listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. The group operating under LJL comprises operations in the UK (www.brookcrompton.com), North America (www.brookcromptonna.com) and Asia Pacific regions.