Brook Crompton Asia Pacific found its origin in 1992 under the name of Western Electric Asia Pte Ltd (‘WEA’) which was then a joint venture between Lindeteves-Jacoberg in Singapore and Western Electric in Australia. WEA eventually became a wholly owned subsidiary of Lindeteves-Jacoberg in 1996 to undertake the sales and distribution of electric motors in Asia, Australsia regions. The brand name of Western Electric was originated in Australia during the 1960s and still being used in these regions till today. Lindeteves-Jacoberg Limited (‘LJL’) is a company listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. The group operating under LJL comprises operations in the UK (, North America ( and Asia Pacific regions.

Under the restructuring program in 2010 under the LJL group, the business of the company had been streamlined to focus on the sales and distribution of electric motors in the Asia Pacific region, leveraging on the long established industry acclaimed BROOK CROPMPTON brand whilst still keeping its original WESTERN ELECTRIC brand. BROOK CROMPTON, as a group, is committed to energy efficiency. To this end, the company has started enhancing its product range with high efficiency motors that performed optimally even in the most challenging environments. To more accurately project its current status, the company was renamed Brook Crompton Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in 2012.

With a wide product mix, we are able to offer asynchronous induction motors, for safe and hazardous duty, to meet the various industrial needs which include marine, oil & gas and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning), pumps and mechanical handling equipment.

We are committed to providing products designed for quality and durability. We work closely with all our manufacturers for quality assurance in terms of products and services, as well as cost effectiveness. We count our group affiliates as our major manufacturers. This has enabled us to pool resources to provide synergy for our supply chain.

Maintaining an effective supply chain has become a pillar of our success.