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Axial Airgap Motor
Witton Kramer Products
Witton Kramer
Electromagnetic drum brakes
PM Range
4 inch to 24 inch
22 lb/ft - 4800 lb/ft

PMA Range
8 inch to 30 inch
65 lb/ft - 9000 lb/ft

PMD Range
160mm to 630mm
88Nm - 2500Nm

Perigrip Range
4 inch to 12 inch
18 lb/ft - 400 lb/ft
Electro-hydraulic brakes
MEWK Brakes
160mm to 720mm
185Nm - 7300Nm

MHWK Brakes
160mm to 500mm stroke
190Nm - 5150Nm
Electro-hydraulic thrustors
KT Thurstor
2 inch to 12 inch stroke
75 lb/ft - 800 lb/ft

HD Thrustor
50mm to 120mm stroke
245Nm - 1960Nm
DC Motors
MP Range
0.25kW to 1.5kW
IP22, IP44 or IP55

MD Range
0.09kW to 15kW
IP20 to IP55

MKIV Range
10kW to 750kW
IP23 to IP55
Bull Electric Motors Bull Electric
AC Axial Airgap Motors
Stator Rotor Units  
Stator Rotor units
0.25kW to2.2kW

Fan Motors
1.6kW 6P to 1.2kW 8P
(more to follow)

General Details
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0.1 or 0.2v / rpm

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