Single Phase

Frame sizes 71 to 100

Construction: Aluminium
Frame sizes: 71 to 90 (Capacitor Start / Induction Run)
Frame sizes: 71 to 100L (Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run)
Frame sizes: 63 to 90L (Permanent Capacitor)
Output: 0.12kW to 1.5kW (Capacitor Start / Induction Run)
Output: 0.18kW to 3.0kW (Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run)
Output: 0.09kW to 2.2kW (Permanent Capacitor)

Single phase motors are used primarily in small workshops and farms with a domestic supply. Some industrial equipment are specifically for use with a single phase electricity supply, such as fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps and high pressure washers.

Dependent on the application we are able to offer different types of single phase motors

Safety Leaflet
Installation and Maintenance Booklet


W Aluminium

The W aluminium range covers products with outputs from as little as 0.07kW to 22kW in frame sizes 63 to 180L

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W Cast Iron

The W cast iron motor range covers products with outputs from as little as 0.75kW to 400kW in frame sizes 80 to 355L

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