Series 10 - Single Phase

S10 Single phase

Frame sizes 71 to 100

Construction: Aluminium 
Frame sizes: 71 to 100
Output: 0.25kW to 3.0kW

A high quality industrial standard range of electric motors with a Brook Crompton specification suitable for most industrial applications.

The single phase capacitor start / capacitor run aluminium motors have outputs from
0.25kW to 3.0kW in frame sizes 10-TDA71 to


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Series 10

The Series 10 aluminium motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 18.5kW in frame sizes 56 to 160. The cast iron range of motors have outputs from 0.09kW to 900kW in frame sizes 71 to 450

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W Aluminium

The W aluminium range covers products with outputs from as little as 0.07kW to 22kW in frame sizes 63 to 180L

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